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min says!

In response to the Germany vs. Brazil 5-0 halftime score

Anonymous Asked:
They were papped standing close together for the first time in 84 years today when the group went to sightsee (37,media,tumblr,com/e1c0086b474c6425807305743915e826/tumblr_n583u8kuZz1rk5a7do1_500,png). Also Harry got drunk and super handsy with Ben Winston. (24,media,tumblr,com/b0c382ae511564f82312dfb5a5b020fd/tumblr_n587pzpdSj1rqv2jbo1_500,png)

My answer:


[x | x] really really not sure how to feel about those pics with Ben Winston right now…

Harry → sneezing

Going crazy! #Move is on Capital FM in the car! :D Perrie <3

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"harry, what’s the best view you’ve seen on the road?"


i’m gonna take a wild guess…


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